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Clean Air For Your Workplace Environment


Metal Fab

Factory built industrial, commercial, and grease duct chimney systems, custom designed

Micro Air

Industrial and commercial air cleaners, welding exhaust systems, dust collectors, wet dust collectors, down draft tables, wet down draft tables for combustible dusts.

Welding Exhaust Arm System

Dustcontrol Canada

Industrial vacuum systems for all applications

IAP Industrial Air Products

Specialty industrial fans and blowers for all applications

Soler and Palau Canada

Commercial and light industrial fans and blowers

Airex Industries

Industrial and commercial dust collectors, bin vents, air handling systems, make up air systems.

Ventaire, Inc.

Commercial and industrial vehicle exhaust systems, custom designed, if required.

Movex, Inc.

Exhaust extractors with fans and filters for all working environments, also available in stainless steel models.

ME Laboratory Arm

Spark Detection Systems

Abort dampers, blow back dampers, spark detections systems

Pyroguard Abort Agate


Automated dust collector controls for superior performance and energy efficiency

Ecogate System

Specific Systems Industrial HVAC Systems

Industrial Precision Engineered Heating, Ventilation, Cooling and Pressurization Systems

Extreme Duty HVAC Systems

Industrial Hoses and Ducting

Industrial Ducting and Hoses